Sea World Shows

Share the excitement of Sea World’s amazing shows with the whole family. From delightful dolphins to the action of Jet Stunt Extreme and fun of SpongeBob ParadePants.

  • SpongeBob ParadePants SpongeBob ParadePants

    SpongeBob ParadePants

    See the underwater world of Bikini Bottom come to life with Nickelodeon’s SpongeBob ParadePants. Join SpongeBob and friends in a spectacular parade of floats, stunning water displays and colourful dancers, and be amazed by the sounds and sights of this nautical wonderland.

  • Jet Stunt Extreme Jet Stunt Extreme

    Jet Stunt Extreme

    Jet Stunt Extreme will have you on the edge of your seats as you watch some of the world’s best Jetski stunt riders perform amazing aerial flips and gravity defying stunts. Don't miss these incredible Jetski stunt sequences that will blow your mind during an energetic live performance on Sea World’s Lake.

  • Imagine Imagine


    Be amazed by the agility and grace of the Offshore Bottlenose Dolphins in the interactive dolphin show, Imagine. You will be entertained and educated as the delightful dolphins interact playfully with their trainers in Dolphin Cove,  giving you an insight into the wonderful world of dolphins.

  • Dora and Friends Dora and Friends

    Dora's Best Friends Adventure

    Join Dora and her trusty companion Boots in Nickelodeon's Dora’s Best Friends Adventure live musical show. Dora and Boots have to find each other at Rainbow Rock for their Best Friends Adventure and they need your help. Sing and dance along to this fun family stage show.

  • Fish Detectives Fish Detectives

    Fish Detectives

    Join Sea World’s cheeky Sea Lions as they solve a crime in this hilarious show. Fish Detectives Starring Buddy and Clawde is sure to have the whole family in stitches as the comedic Sea Lions take on the villainous Big Al Baloney and save the fish in the harbour.

  • SpongeBob 3D SpongeBob 3D

    SpongeBob 3-D

    SpongeBob SquarePants 3-D will have you riding a bubble bicycle through Bikini Bottom in a hilarious adventure featuring Patrick, Plankton, and friends. Join in the search for the special ingredient needed for the perfect Krabby Patty in a world where anything can happen, all in digital 3-D.