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Penguin Encounter will be closed from Tue 21st July reopening Tue 4th August 2015. The Penguin Antarctic Adventure will not be offered during these dates.

Only $114.99 per person

Step onto the ice and into your very own Antarctic adventure in the amazing frozen world of Penguin Encounter. Join Sea World’s Penguin Keepers in a unique, up close and personal interaction with the second largest species of penguin in the world, the King Penguin, as well as the playful and agile Gentoo penguins. You’ll receive an exclusive behind the scenes tour of the award winning exhibit that mimics their natural Antarctic environment, and engage in a range of penguin activities that may include a feeding session or a fun enrichment program. You’ll also have your souvenir photograph taken through the huge glass viewing windows while you come face to face with these brilliant birds and gain an insight into their chilly and wondrous world.

The Penguin Antarctic Adventure program is available to guests aged 14 years of age and over for $114.99* per person and includes one souvenir photograph.

The use of supplied overalls is required on the Penguin Antarctic Adventure program.

For the safety of the animals we do not permit jewellery to be worn on any Animal Adventures program.

Penguin Antarctic Adventure programs are available 7 days a week and have approximately four participants per program. All participants of this experience must hold a valid pass to enter the park.

* All prices are in Australian dollars, are subject to change without notice, and are inclusive of GST.

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