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Only $59.99 per person

Get up close and personal with an array of amazing marine life in your very own Tropical Reef Snorkel adventure in Sea World’s Reef lagoon. You’ll encounter a selection of beautiful tropical fish, majestic sting rays and other fascinating marine life including our harmless Leopard and Whitetip Reef sharks. You’ll follow an educational trail with underwater signage and look through to the Shark Lagoon to see the much larger sharks including one of the most misunderstood sharks, the Bull Whaler Shark.

The water is heated year round to a very comfortable 26 degrees, and features a number of ‘safe havens’ where you can stand and rest while snorkelling. You’ll be accompanied by an experienced Dive Leader for the duration of your snorkel and you’ll also receive a souvenir photograph to take home as a memento of this incredible experience.

The Tropical Reef Snorkel program is available for guests 8 years of age and over from $59.99* per person and includes one souvenir photograph. All participants of this experience must hold a valid pass to enter the park. Get your Sea World tickets here.

Tropical Reef Snorkel programs are available 7 days a week and have approximately 12 participants per program.

Make your Tropical Reef Snorkel even more memorable with our brand new GoPro hire option! For only $15, you’ll get to use a GoPro to capture your Snorkel experience and you’ll get a disc to take home of the footage! Enquire when you check in for your program.

*Prices subject to change

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