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  • Dolphin Cove - Baby Dolphin
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  • Dolphin Cove

Dolphin Cove is a large natural sandy bottom lagoon system for dolphins and features the stunning show pool, as well as two other large lagoons. This wonderful area is home to our delightful Offshore Bottlenose Dolphins, and often houses baby dolphins in the nursery area. The 8m deep show pool is where the amazing ‘Imagine’ dolphin show takes place daily, and after the morning show, guests can take a walk through Dolphin Cove and discover the inquisitive and friendly nature of our beautiful dolphins.

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Dolphin Calf
Sea World is celebrating the arrival of the newest member of the Sea World family – a beautiful female baby dolphin, weighing 15 kilograms and measuring 95cm in length.

The calf born in January 2013 to proud parents, mum Sunnie and dad Kiama, who are both first time parents at ten years of age is doing well and will soon be able to be seen by visitors to the park.