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Get lost in your very own slice of Antarctica in this beautiful frozen exhibit, home to the second largest species of Penguin in the world, the King Penguin as well as the lively Gentoo penguins. Encounter these incredible birds up close in their icy wonderland as they dive in and out of the crystal clear water. You’ll see their playful nature on the snow through the topside viewing area, and their elegant underwater flight through the stunning underwater viewing window.

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Sea World’s world-class Penguin Encounter exhibit has welcomed three adorable Gentoo Penguin chicks.

The Gentoo chicks will grow to between five and seven kilograms and will reach maturity with-in three years. The chicks have already begun their move into adulthood and have been taken off exhibit while they develop their water-proof feathers and learn vital skills. The gender of the chicks will not be known until a DNA test is taken.