• Polar Bear Cub born at Sea World
  • Cub TV Wobbly Steps

Polar Bear Cub

The Polar Bear Cub born at Sea World has taken its first wobbly steps inside the den at Polar Bear Shores.
The cub is progressing well and is beginning to explore the den under the watchful eye of proud mum Liya.
Nearly two months on, the Sea World Polar Bear Keepers have seen positive milestones as the cub continues to grow and develop.

Observed Cub Milestones:

  • Wobbly steps
  • Doubled in size
  • Vocalisations
  • Opening its eyes
  • Its nose is now developing the trademark black pigment
  • Increased strength and mobility
  • The development of an undercoat to keep the cub warm
  • Drinking and sleeping for longer periods of time

Sea World guests can now see precious interactions between Liya and her adorable new-born cub with ‘Cub TV’ in park at the Plaza.

Sea World’s Polar Bears are ambassadors for their species and play a vital role in raising awareness of the effects of global warming. Current research indicates that Polar Bear numbers in the wild are declining, with 20,000 – 25,000 bears remaining worldwide.

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Special Baby Polar Bear Viewing

Village Theme Park Members and new VIP Magic Pass holders* who use their pass for the first time before 30 June 2017 will soon receive a very special opportunity to be amongst the first to see our beautiful baby Polar Bear.

You’ll get to hear all about the gorgeous cub from one of our very proud team members, and gain an insight into the incredible world of Polar Bears all before Sea World is open to the public.

This money can’t buy experience will commence from approximately September 2017 and qualified pass holders will receive an email on how to book their free and exclusive experience.

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*Valid for VIP Magic Passes expiring 30 June 2018 and purchased from themeparks.com.au, by calling 133 386 or via theme park front gates only. The Pass must be activated on the first visit before 30 June 2017.