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Henry's Graduated

We are so excited that our not-so-little bundle of fluff, Henry, has graduated from Polar Pre-School to Polar Bear Shores, and we want you to share in our joy.

We couldn’t be happier with the progress Henry has made since making an entrance as a tiny 600 gram baby to a playful 162kg Polar Bear. He’s developed vital skills through the guidance of his doting Mum, Liya, and the wonderful animal carer’s at Sea World.

Polar Bear Shores features an array of amazing enrichment options for Henry including a cascading waterfall, a large pool that is up to four metres deep, an array of climbing outcrops, fallen trees, shrubs and other structures providing endless fun for our inquisitive bear.

So come and see Henry excitedly exploring Polar Bear Shores with Mum Liya.

Polar Bear Shores

Sea World's $1.5M extension to Polar Bear Shores, Polar Pre-School allows Liya and the cub as well as the twin male bears Hudson and Nelson to be viewed by the public at the same time. Polar Pre-School is a wonderfully enriching environment featuring a large pool, and various substrates and natural vegetation as well as foraging pits for the bears to dig and play in.

At Polar Bear Shores you can observe the bear's graceful underwater swimming and playful behaviours through large underwater viewing windows and learn about these massive marine mammals through detailed information boards and fascinating interpretive information. With a cascading waterfall and a winding creek, a large main pool that is up to four metres deep to encourage deep and shallow diving, an array of climbing outcrops, fallen trees, shrubs and other structures and a strategically placed rock platform enabling long distance viewing across the exhibit and beyond, Polar Bear Shores is a naturalistic environment which aims to constantly stimulate the bears.

Polar Bear Shores is the only exhibit in Australia where you can see the world's largest land carnivore up close, and one that provides a unique educational experience that assists, through a wider public awareness, the conservation effort of this perfectly adapted marine mammal. Visit the 'Cub Progress' tab above for regular updates on the Polar Bear Cub or watch the latest vision in the slider.

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