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Rescued Seals Released

Sea World is excited to announce that the four rescued New Zealand Fur Seal pups, which spent several months recovering at Sea World have been released to Montague Island Nature Reserve in southern New South Wales.

To minimise travel time, the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) combined routine flying operations to assist with the release efforts and flew the seals along with the specialised veterinary team from the Gold Coast to Moruya before they were transported to Montague Island and released.

In consultation with the New South Wales National Parks & Wildlife Services, Montague Island was determined as the best release location site for the young seals as it has thriving seal colony.

Before the release the Rescue Team placed tracking devices on two of the seals to monitor their movements and identify how well they assimilate to the colony. As storm frequency and intensity is expected to continue to increase this data will be crucial to assess the viability of rehabilitation programs for future events.

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Details of the Rescued Seals

In July, the Sea World Rescue team was involved with rescuing several juvenile New Zealand Fur Seals after they became stranded on Gold Coast beaches.

The four young seal pups were temporarily moved into the re-purposed Polar Bear Shores Cub Kindy for rehabilitation. The exhibit featured shallow pools and rocky areas and is where the young seal pups spent time building up their weight and strength.

This was a vital step in their ongoing rehabilitation and a rewarding outcome for the Sea World Rescue team as this was the busiest weaning season on record.

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