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Fish Detectives (Last Days)

The time has come to farewell Buddy and Clawde to make way for a new and exciting presentation due to launch in December.

The final Fish Detectives presentation will be held on Sunday 8 October 2017, so make sure you come say goodbye before they go!

Join Buddy and Clawde, Sea World’s cheeky Sea Lions in this hilarious presentation that will have the whole family in stitches. Help these comedic Sea Lions solve an environmental crime as they take on Big Al Baloney – the villainous character that rules the wharf and operates his fish store ‘Alota Baloney’, making huge profits by depleting the harbours fish supply. Detective Sweetlip and his dedicated team of crime fighting sea lions must band together to bring Baloney to justice and save all of the fish in the harbour before it’s too late!

Please be advised that strollers and prams are not permitted inside the Show Arenas and Theatres. Parking bays are provided at all locations. Guests are required to provide coverage for their prams or strollers in the event of wet weather.