Quick Facts

Common Seabirds at Sea World:

Australian Pelican, Cormorant and Silver Gull

Number of Species Worldwide:

Over 300 species of seabirds

Rescue and Rehabilitation Fact:

The Sea World Rescue Team has conducted over 1300 bird rescues

Exhibit Location at Sea World:

Seabird Rehabilitation Aviary

Interesting Fact:

The Australian Pelican has the largest bill of all birds, able to expand to a volume of 11 litres.

Meet Sea World's resident Pelicans in the Seabird Rehabilitation Aviary.

Specially designed to house seabirds under care and rehabilitation in a natural, open-air setting.


Seabird Rehabilitation Aviary

Outdoor Seabird Exhibit

Seabird Rehabilitation Aviary

on-ride features


SWRRFI Rescue Ranger

Land-Based Animal Adventure

SWRRFI Rescue Ranger

on-ride features


Trainer For A Day

​Land and Water-Based Adventure

Trainer For A Day

on-ride features

Exhibit location

Seabird Rehabilitation Aviary

Meet some of Sea World's resident rescued Seabirds in this specially designed exhibit.


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