Everybody loves Sea World, Australia’s most famous theme park, where creatures great and small share an aquatic paradise packed with fast and furious thrill rides. Polar bears, sharks, dolphins and seals, they’re all part of the Sea World family.

Events can happen virtually anywhere within the park, from sun-up to way after sun-down when the night sky lights up with a billion stars. A great way to start the day is with a hearty breakfast at one of three breathtaking locations where some residents love a splash of fun, while others offer a sharp hint of danger. Sea World’s dolphin lagoons take on a mystical feel as the glassy morning waters stir with the smooth dorsal fins of graceful Bottlenose Dolphins. For a totally different kettle of fish try Shark Bay, the world’s largest man-made lagoon system for sharks and other impressive creatures of the deep.

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  • Coolest Cocktails

    Coolest Cocktails

    A very cool place indeed for a cocktail or three with special guests, our magnificent Polar bears. Mighty, big and cuddly, they know how to have a good time above or below the water, which you’ll see first hand as you enjoy your favourite refreshments and delicious canapés. Cocktails at Polar Bear Shores is a unique function idea - just don’t ask the Polar bears if they can spare some ice!

  • Dinner with the Dolphins

    Dinner with the Dolphins

    Now this is a function centre! Imagine the world’s most environmentally sensitive, naturally formed dolphin habitat teeming with fish and other sea life, set amongst lush tropical settings.

  • Dolphin Breakfast

    Dolphin Breakfast

    The dolphin lagoons double as a unique breakfast setting, a magical place for a delicious hot buffet breakfast as the dolphins start the day with a spectacular display.

  • Oceans of Fun

    Oceans of Fun

    In the main function room, Oceans of Fun creates the aquatic theme beautifully with tables elegantly set in ocean blue table decor.

  • Shark Bay up close

    Shark Bay up close

    Enter the world of the ocean’s most feared predators with an interactive breakfast at Shark Bay – the world’s largest man-made lagoon system for sharks.

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