The Trick Riding Horses

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I am a man of many talents, as I am a fast learner that has quickly got me trained into a trick riding horse and a liberty horse. I come when my name is called, free lunge and lay down on command.


G’day!   I’m a five year old liver-coloured chestnut.  I’m from the Sunshine Coast where I used to chase cows. Some say I’ve got an ego as I’m always looking to see if people are looking at me.


I am one of the trick riding horses and am both strong in build and personality. The team trusts me to do the daring tricks as I gallop around the arena.


I came all the way from Longreach Queensland to be a star in this show. I am a very talented Australian Stock Horse. It didn’t take long for our amazing trick riders to claim me as one of their trusted trick horses. I love my new home here on the beautiful Gold Coast.

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