Australian Outback Spectacular - Visitor Information - Latest News - Ransom Wins Australian Stock Horse Society Westpac Bank Star of the Year Award

'Halls Ransom', one of Australian Outback Spectacular’s top bred Australian Stock Horses, has taken out the prestigious Westpac Bank 'Star of the Year' award.

The Westpac Bank ‘Star of the Year’ trophy is an illustrious annual award bestowed in recognition of an outstanding ambassador for the Australian Stock Horse breed and is promoted nationally through the Australian Stock Horse Society.

Ransom joined the Australian Outback Spectacular stables in February 2008 and for the past two and a half years has been featured in over 500 shows, most recently playing a starring role in the new Australian Outback Spectacular 2 ‘Heroes of the Light Horse’ dinner show. He is also the hero horse featured in Simon Wincer's Australian Outback Spectacular filmed version of 'The Man from Snowy River'. Ransom recently made the trip to the 2009 Warwick Gold Cup with rider/trainer Brett Welsh; after two successful rounds, Ransom and Brett made it through to the final, out of approximately 800 entries.

Ransom met the high level of criteria required to enter the prestigious competition and has been recognised for his superior performance in a public arena by a panel of judges from the Australian Stock Horse Society. Ransom has been named the Westpac Bank Star of the Year; the award was presented in a ceremony on Saturday 24th July 2010 at the AGM, Rydges Southbank Hotel in Townsville. As Ransom was performing and not able to attend the awards ceremony in Townsville a special presentation will be made to Ransom at Australian Outback Spectacular in August.

Since launching the original show in April 2006, Australian Outback Spectacular has entertained over a million people from all over the world, with its celebration of Australian stock men and women at work and play. The new show Australian Outback Spectacular 2 ‘Heroes of the Light Horse’ continues to retain the fun, charm and skill of the original show but with an important difference, this time we celebrate the link between our stockmen and the legendary Australian Light Horse.

We look forward to the presentation and being able to display the Westpac Bank 'Star of the Year' trophy in the Australian Outback Spectacular bar for all of our guests to see.

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