Show Times

PLEASE NOTE: The show schedule is subject to change, delay or cancellation due to inclement weather, maintenance or other operational requirements. Strollers and/or prams are not permitted inside the Show Arenas and Theatres. Parking bays are provided at all locations. Guests are required to provide coverage for their prams or strollers in the event of wet weather. Please speak to the show staff for further assistance. The gates to Dolphin Cove and Sea Lion Theatre will open 30 minutes prior to showtime.

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    Fish Detectives Sea Lion Show

    10:15AM and 2:30PM

    Join our cheeky sea lions 'Buddy' and 'Clawde' and 'Big Al Baloney' in a fishy tale.

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    Affinity Dolphin Show

    11:15AM and 3:30PM

    Join us for a coastal adventure in Sea World’s amazing new dolphin show, Affinity. Celebrate the sun, surf and seas and go on a journey above and below the waves for an unforgettable experience with one of the world’s most intriguing animals.

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    Jet Stunt Extreme

    1:00PM and 4:15PM

    Sea World’s newest show Jet Stunt Extreme is not to be missed. Featuring some of the world’s best jetski performers.

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    SpongeBob 3D

    Check theatre for session times.

    Join SpongeBob SquarePants as he rides a bubble bicycle in pursuit of a runaway pickle required for the perfect burger.

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    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Turtle Power Show

    11:00AM and 1:45PM

    Surface time! The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles rise up out of the sewers to aid April and take on the Foot. Get ready to high three as this band of brothers prove mutants rule in this interactive action-packed adventure. Turtle Power!

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    Ray Reef Feeding Session

    10:45AM and 3:00PM

    Get Up Close and discover the true nature of these amazing animals as you feed# and observe these wonderful creatures in a truly interactive and education exhibit.

    # Not included in Sea World admission

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    Penguin Feeding Session

    10:45AM and 3:00PM

    Join the Sea World Animal Care Team as they feed the Fairy Penguins at Penguin Point. Come and join the fun.

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    Dora’s Best Friends Adventure Show

    12:00PM and 3:15PM

    Dora and Boots need to meet each other at Rainbow Rock for their Best Friends Day Picnic, but they are in two different places.