There are a number of ways to give from annual donations, becoming a member and community fundraising. We count on the generosity of people like you to support our urgent work.

Get Involved

Take Action for Oceans

Although threats to our beautiful marine world seem just too gigantic to overcome, there are many things within your control to help marine life thrive not just survive!

  • Dispose of your rubbish so marine life is safe from pollution. An estimated 80% of rubbish that ends up in the ocean come from land-based sources.

  • Whenever possible, retrieve snagged fishing line and net. Discard line and nets cause a problem called ghost fishing and can accidentally entangle marine animals.

  • Slow down on your boat or jetski, particularly when going through areas known to have a high population of dugongs and turtles.

  • Choose seafood from sustainable sources. When in doubt ask the restaurant/fish monger: What species of fish? How was it caught? Steer clear of bottom trawling and non-selective purse seine netting. Where did it come from? Is it local?

  • Turn your appliances off at the wall and save up to 10% off household electricity

Adopt an Animal

Adopt an Animal and help support the Foundation’s community and conservation research grants for many types of marine life from dolphins and whales to sharks and turtles. Purchase your symbolic adoption for only $47.99*.

Adopt an Animal Today!

Your Adopt an Animal pack will include:

  • Adoption Certificate
  • Colour Photo
  • Plush toy

*Adoption price includes a contribution to the Sea World Research & Rescue Foundation, plush toy, printing, postage cost plus GST.

Junior Ambassador Program

The Sea World Research & Rescue Junior Ambassador Program is an adventure like no other.

Junior Ambassadors will get a unique opportunity to get up close to one of Sea World’s resident rescued seals, explore turtle rehabilitation and polar bear shores behind the scenes. These animal experiences will support the knowledge gained during the program about threats to marine life and how they can protect them into the future.

Find out more!

Make a Donation

Gifts are fully tax deductible and no benefits are offered in exchange apart from regular email updates about SWRRFI news and events. Donate Now

If you would like to receive membership benefits including members only special discounts become a Friend of the Foundation.

Friend of the Foundation

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Become a Friend of the Foundation


$10 off all Australian-made photo t-shirts for Friends of the Foundation.

You can present your card at Sea World Shop & Naturally Wild to claim this offer.

*FoF memberships are valid for one year and are not tax deductible

Fundraise For Us

Fundraising for Sea World Research & Rescue Foundation is a fun and rewarding way to support our work around the country. Here’s how:

1. Choose a fundraising activity
You can make a real different to Australian marine life by doing the things that you love… for the Foundation. Whether you’re organizing a dinner party, a guessing competition or participating in an ocean swim you’ll be helping.

2. Set up your own unique event fundraising page
In minutes you can build your own page, making it quick and easy for you to fundraise safely online. Each donation is recorded on your page along with any message of support from your donor. Get started now!

a) Sign up to Everyday Hero
b) Click ‘START HERE’
c) Create a Supporter Page and fill in your event details.

3. Start fundraising!
Start adding your personal touch by uploading a photo of yourself or your event. Link your social media to the page and start promoting the event to friends and family.

Featured fundraisers

10 years, 3 hearts, 1 cause

Three 10 year old girls, Georgia, Sara and Katie, watched a documentary about Pig the Dugong and SWRRFI funded annual Dugong health checks. This knowledge inspired the girls to hold a lunch time guessing competition at their school, Matthew Flinders Anglican College, to fundraise for the cause. Despite their age they wanted to make a difference and they worked together to achieve it, thank you girls.

Why fundraise for us?

Because it’s the single most powerful thing you can do to help us understand, protect and support marine life.

Last year, we helped more than 100 animals and supported 7 marine research projects thanks to passionate Australians who gave their time and money to the cause. Their contribution made a difference. Yours will too. 100% of donations go to Programs. Get in contact with us.

Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate sponsorship of Sea World Research & Rescue Foundation is a significant gift to marine life around Australia. However it also provides your business with incredible opportunities, by connecting it with conservation, research, community engagement programs and high profile rescue events.

We have four levels of sponsorship that allow you to:
- Become a conservation leader by aligning your brand with a community icon and premier Australian attraction that engages your stakeholders in marine conservation
- Build strong bonds within your organisation through unforgettable Sea World events and experiences.

You can also sponsor a cause or event, including our Gala Dinner.

To join or renew your corporate sponsorship or to find out more about corporate sponsor opportunities.

Phone: +617 5588 2256
Email: researchandrescue@vrtp.com.au

Match Your Gift

Did you know your employer may match your contribution dollar for dollar?

Ask your workplace today and double your donation.