Sea World Attractions

Sea World's attractions will delight the whole family with the range of rides, animal adventures, marine life and more.

  • Storm Coaster

    There’s a storm brewing at Sea World and it’s going to be a big one! Experience a ride the whole family will enjoy as you’re taken on a thrilling journey through a storm ravaged container port. Featuring amazing water and fire effects, ride out the Storm with your family and friends this Summer.

  • Seal Harbour, Now Open!

    Get up close and personal to playful seals in the brand new exhibit Seal Harbour. Stroll along the specially designed boardwalks and watch the seals splash, play and sun themselves in their new home. Featuring glass petitions and boardwalks just above the water's surface.

  • Jet Rescue Jet Rescue

    Jet Rescue

    Jet Rescue coaster takes you on a quest to save our precious marine life aboard your very own Jetski. Zoom around the track flying past rock pools at 70km/hr & pulling 2.5Gs. Help save a trapped Sea Lion and return a rescue hero on this thrilling ride.

  • Penguin Encounter Penguin Encounter

    Penguin Encounter

    Penguin Encounter is an amazing frozen world home to the 2nd largest species of Penguin in the world, the King Penguin and the amazingly agile Gentoo's. This exhibit is a slice of Antarctica at Sea World and has spectacular views from both an underwater and topside viewing perspective.

  • Polar Bear Polar Bear

    Polar Bear Shores

    Meet Hudson, Liya and Nelson, the only Polar Bears in Australia at Polar Bear Shores. This world-class exhibit mimics the tundra environment of the Arctic Summer so that you can observe the Polar bears in a near natural habitat and learn more about these incredible apex predators.

  • Shark Bay Shark Bay

    Shark Bay

    Shark Bay is the world’s largest man-made lagoon system for sharks and is home to an array of sharks, stingrays, tropical fish and bottom-dwellers. Come face to face with the ocean’s most feared predators through huge 10m x 3m glass windows, with magnificent underwater and above-water viewing areas.

  • Castaway Bay Castaway Bay

    Castaway Bay

    Castaway Bay is an interactive adventure playground with pirate themed Battle Boats armed with over eighty water cannons, a five level Sky Fortress filled with rope bridges, tunnels, slides, games and puzzles, and a spectacular Sky Climb 12 meters above the ground!

  • Ray Reef Ray Reef

    Ray Reef

    Ray Reef lagoon is an interactive exhibit home to over 100 majestic stingrays. You can feed, touch and observe one of the ocean’s most misunderstood creatures as they fly and glide under the water, and learn all about them during one of the many live educational presentations.

  • Dolphin Cove Dolphin Cove

    Dolphin Bay

    Dolphin Bay features three expansive lagoon pools and is home to the beautiful Inshore Bottlenose Dolphins. You can watch them jumping, splashing and playfully interacting with each other, and you might even spot a baby dolphin swimming under the watchful eye of its mother.

  • Penguin Point Penguin Point

    Penguin Point

    Penguin Point is home to 29 little Fairy Penguins.  You will get to experience a rare insight into the world of these cute little birds as they dive, swim, burrow and interact with each other in this specially designed exhibit.

  • Beach Break Beach Beach Break Beach

    Beach Break Bay

    Beach Break Bay features a host of rides and attractions for kids of all ages. Kids can splash around at the Splash Capsule, or play in the Beach Ball Bounce, Beach Dump Trucks, Air Sea Explorer and the Sea Climb. There is also a carousel full of colour and light that is sure to entertain the whole family.

  • Sea Viper Sea Viper

    Sea Viper

    The Sea Viper coaster will take you on an exhilarating ride experience. Take on the triple loop-the-loop track, racing around bends and flying around Australia's famous inverted corkscrew.

  • Viking Revenge Viking Revenge

    Vikings Revenge Flume Ride

    The Vikings Revenge Flume Ride is a Vikings themed experience that you can share with the whole family. You will board a log style carriage and be taken on a 460m journey, floating through the Viking’s castle before exiting via an exciting drop into the waters below.

  • Sky Rail Sky Rail


    Ride in style over Sea World on the Sky High Skyway and enjoy an amazing birdseye view of the park.  Not only will you get an incredible view, but you will also be able to check out all of the exciting attractions and exhibits on offer for you to experience.

  • Cruises

    Enjoy a magical experience among the gentle giants of the ocean with Sea World cruises. Choose from a High Life Day Cruise or Nature Day Cruise.

  • Monorail Monorail


    Get on board the Sea World Monorail and enjoy a 2 kilometre scenic tour through the park. This is a great way to get to Sea World if you’re staying at Sea World Resort, or even just as a relaxing way to navigate your way to the next attraction, show or exhibit.

  • Sea World Resort Water Park Sea World Resort Water Park

    Sea World Resort & Water Park

    The Sea World Resort Water Park is a seasonal attraction and is currently closed, scheduled to reopen on 31th August.

    At the Sea World Resort & Water Park you can enjoy a huge water slide that the whole family will love, as well as a child friendly shallow kid’s pool featuring mini water slides and water fountains. Plus you can choose to relax in a cabana while you soak up the Gold Coast sun. Pay per play attraction