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Price: $84.99 per person (Sea World admission required but not included)
Age: 3+ (Children 3-13 years must accompanied by a participating adult 18+)

Get the experience of a lifetime and go behind-the-scenes at Polar Bear Shores. You’ll be guided by a Sea World Education Officer who will lead you on an exciting journey of discovery as you learn about the Polar Bears impressive abilities and the relationship between the preservation of the world’s environment and the survival of its precious inhabitants. Polar Bear Shores is home to Hudson, Nelson, Liya and now cub Mishka. These are the only Polar Bears in Australia, and the exhibit replicates the Arctic Summer. You will have the opportunity to see the kitchen area where all their food is prepared, as well as explore their dens and play areas where the Polar Bear’s spend time when they’re not out on the exhibit.
All participants of this experience must hold a valid pass to enter the park.

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All participants, or a legal guardian (18 years or over), will be required to sign a liability release form and criteria check-list before beginning the program.