Our Position

Sea World Dolphins:

Sea World is very proud of its world class exhibits for dolphins including some of the largest filtered natural sandy bottom lagoon systems in the world. We have a strong reputation for caring for marine animals, along with an exemplary record of animal care, research and rescue accomplishments.

On average Bottlenose Dolphins can live to 23 - 30 years of age in the wild dependent on their environmental threats, but at Sea World we have had some Dolphins live to be beyond 50 years of age. This long life can be attributed to excellent husbandry, veterinary care, world class facilities and a lack of predators, all leading to longevity. The health and wellbeing of our animals is of the upmost priority. Sea World has rescued, rehabilitated and released many marine creatures over its years of operation through the park’s not for profit research and rescue foundation.

The majority of our dolphins have been born at Sea World as part of our managed breeding program which has been in place for many years. Some animals are third generation and others were transferred to Sea World many years ago when other facilities in Australia and New Guinea closed.

The Australian Government does not permit the import or export of cetaceans except for special circumstances and under a strict conservation plan. The take or interference of wild dolphins is strictly illegal in Australian waters.

Shark Control Programs:

Our aims are to support local and global marine conservation issues however we consider our priorities are those that fall in our local area. We operate a turtle hospital which is seeing more and more animals each year due to the increasing human impact on our local waters.

In an ideal world we would like for there to be no culling of sharks in Australia and around the world however, this is not a reality. We understand the pressure on governments to protect swimmers through the use of shark control programs.

We continue our stance against shark nets and maintain our rescue operations to save dolphins, whales and turtles that become entrapped within them, along with working with the authoritative agencies to research improved methods which will lessen the impact on our marine life.

Taiji Drive Fisheries:

Sea World does not support Taiji or any other drive fisheries and no animals at Sea World have been sourced either directly or indirectly from Taiji.

Sea World has joined international zoological associations in their protests to prevent these drives from occurring.

Historically, there were 15 villages in Japan that followed this practice and gradually they have all ceased. We hope that with education and public pressure this will follow in Taiji.

International Developments:

Village Roadshow Theme Parks has a global reputation for creating and managing some of the best theme parks in the world and we are excited to be able to bring that expertise and our renowned animals welfare standards and values to international operations.

Village Roadshow Theme Parks is very proud of its Australian operations and has a strong reputation for caring for animals, along with an exemplary record of animal care, research and rescue accomplishments. Any international marine park we operate will uphold these same values and ethics as Sea World Australia.

Our international businesses will continue our policy of supporting local and global marine conservation issues and programs along with supporting breeding programs for endangered species.

Conservation and education will play a large role in all our businesses and we aim to educate visitors to all our marine parks about the value of marine life and the environment.