• Mermaids at Sea World

Sirens of the Sea

Ever wondered what it would be like to come face to face with the sea’s most alluring and mysterious creatures?

Well, wait no longer because these school holidays you can see the mystical Sirens of the Sea at Sea World.

You can see the underwater world of these endearing creatures come to live with daily performances throughout the day at Shark Bay.

When you visit be sure to secure your spot to get up close with the mermaids with a variety of photography packages available. Limited places available and bookings essential in park at Shark Bay.

Don’t miss your chance to see these beautiful creatures at Sea World as you learn more about the mythology and ancient tales of mermaids that have remained a mystery to the human race for centuries.

Appearance Times at Shark Bay:

  • 11:05AM
  • 12:05PM
  • 1:05PM
  • 3:05PM
  • 4:05PM

Photography Times [pre purchase only] at Shark Bay:

  • 11:15AM
  • 12:15PM
  • 1:15PM
  • 3:15PM
  • 4:15PM