• Seal Guardians Sneak Peak

Seal Guardians – SNEAK PEEK

We’re excited to offer Sea World guests an exciting and exclusive opportunity in the lead up to the launch of our brand new presentation, Seal Guardians. For a limited time only, guests are invited for a behind the scenes sneak peek of the rehearsals in which our hard-working team and our beautiful sea lions are participating. Rehearsals will take place twice daily and will give guests a glimpse into scenes that are currently in development, as well as a look at the process of coaching our sea lion friends through the presentation’s story points. Some lucky members of our audience may even have a chance to interact with our team and with our sea lions during the rehearsal.

Seal Guardians is an entertaining and educational presentation, where you will join Professor Swells and his whacky team of Seal Guardians as they band together and enlist your help to save Sea Lab One. Coming soon to Sea World!

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