Quick Facts

Conservation Status:

Approximately 25% of species are Threatened or Near Threatened

Number of Ray Species:

Over 550 species worldwide

Animal Group:





Shallow marine areas to depths below 200 metres. Sandy bottoms, coral reefs, and coastal mudflats are common habitats for these placid animals.

Interesting Fact:

The largest ray in the world is the harmless Giant manta ray, which may reach weights of 3000kg!

Delve below the surface and discover the secrets about these magnificent sea creatures.

Get up close and personal with one of the ocean’s most misunderstood inhabitants, the majestic ray.

Visit Ray Reef and see them glide under the water, coming close enough to let you touch, feed and observe them!


Ray Reef

​Outdoor Ray Exhibit

Ray Reef

on-ride features

Ray Reef Presentation

Interactive Presentation

Ray Reef Presentation

on-ride features


Tropical Reef Snorkel

Water-Based Animal Adventure

Tropical Reef Snorkel

on-ride features

Exhibit location

​Ray Reef

​Discover the true nature of these beautiful creatures at this interactive exhibit.


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