Polar Bear Exhibit

Polar Bear Shores is home to Hudson, Nelson and Mishka

Conservation Status: Vulnerable

Population: Between 22,000 - 31,000

Habitat: Wild Polar bears are found in Denmark, Norway, Russia, Canada & USA

Can't see the bears? They have the choice to come and go from the exhibit as much as they like. This allows them to feed, rest, play and spend time back of house. Feel free to wait or visit again later.

Learn more about the amazing bears at the daily Polar Bear educational talks

Meet the Polar Bears

Meet Hudson
Meet Hudson
Date of Birth: December 2003
Sex: Male

Hudson is a very playful bear who enjoys playing with the extra large toys in the water, sparring with his twin brother Nelson, solving food puzzles and taking long naps in the sun. His all-time favourite foods are pork, tuna and watermelon.

Meet Nelson
Meet Nelson
Date of Birth: December 2003
Sex: Male

Nelson is a very handsome bear who enjoys making nests with straw and plant material, sneaking up on his twin brother Hudson, training sessions with his keepers and rolling in ice piles. His favourite foods are sardines in oil, herring and veal.

Meet Mishka
Meet Mishka
Date of Birth: April 2017
Sex: Female

Mishka is a very energetic, cheeky young bear who enjoys playing in the freshwater streams , throwing toys around , pouncing on toys and jumping off rocks. Her favourite foods are Olive Oil, Chicken and Trevally.

Tribute to Liya

Liya was born in Leningrad Zoo, Russia in 2000 before she moved to Sea World in 2001 with her twin brother Lutik, as part of an international conservation program. She was a confident bear who enjoyed playing with toys in the large pool with some of her favourite treats including figs and sweet potato.

In 2013, Liya gave birth to the first polar bear cub to be born in Australia in 30 years. This was a very proud moment for everyone at Sea World and we saw a more maternal side of Liya who was a wonderful first-time mother to cub Henry teaching him all the vital life skills he needed as a young polar bear cub. Liya gave birth to her second litter of cubs in 2017, and with Mishka we saw a more relaxed Liya.

In her 18-years at Sea World, Liya helped generations of park guests gain a better appreciation for polar bears and the marine environment. Liya had an amazing relationship with her carers, she was an incredibly trusting bear who was razor sharp smart and really enjoyed learning, interacting and just spending time with her carers. She is deeply missed by everyone at the park.

Exhibit location

Polar Bear Shores

You will find Polar Bear Shores towards the centre of the park, head through the Plaza and Polar Bear Shores will be on your left hand side.


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