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Dolphin Beach Stadium

Strollers and prams are not permitted within the stadium

Meet Some of the Dolphins

Meet Howie
Meet Howie

Howie became entangled in fishing line which cut a notch at the base of his dorsal fin, making re-entanglement a likely occurrence. It was suggested by Queensland fisheries for Howie to come to Sea World to recover and due to his injuries to remain here. Howie is now a very visible example of the effect of ghost netting and the importance of removing all fishing gear when you have finished.


RAAF was found as a young calf lying on his side, badly sunburnt, stranded on the high tide mark on a beach in the Royal Australian Air Force Base at Evan’s Heads, NSW. After many weeks of dedicated care RAAF recovered from his injuries. Due to his age on arrival he was not able to be released as he would not have been able to fend for himself in the wild.

Meet Nudge
Meet Nudge

Nudge was found in the shallows at Nudgee Beach, with monofilament fishing line entangled all around his tail fluke and a number of old wounds including a large stingray barb which was later found to be imbedded on his left hand side. Nudge was found at an age where he would still be nursing from his mother and heavily reliant upon her for survival. This meant that he had not developed the necessary skills to survive out in the ocean.

Meet the Dolphin

Experience an unforgettable moment with one of the dolphins


Dolphin Beach Stadium

This presentation is at Dolphin Beach Stadium which is located at the back of the park, refer to the map for more details.


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Dolphin Aqua Adventure Child

Water-Based Animal Adventure

Give your child a once in a lifetime experience with this amazing opportunity to meet one of Sea World's inquisitive dolphins. This incredible experience is specially designed so that the little ones can have a wonderful dolphin experience while standing on a submerged platform or in the shallows of a sandy bottom lagoon.

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