Dedicated to rescuing marine animals in need

The Sea World Rescue Team are on call 24 hours every day, 365 days a year should a marine animal need rescuing. Since Sea World’s opening the Rescue Team have attended many hundreds of strandings and entanglements of dolphins, whales, birds and sea snakes, pioneering new rescue techniques and equipment.

Injured animals are brought to Sea World and given veterinary care with the ultimate aim of returning these animals back to the wild. Every time Sea World is involved in a rescue, an enormous contribution is made to public awareness and scientific knowledge.

Recent rescues

Legoman the Loggerhead Turtle
Legoman the Loggerhead Turtle
October 2017

Legoman, a loggerhead turtle that was stranded at Tangalooma, was released by the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service. He was ready to go after 6 weeks of recovery at Sea World. He was released on the northern section of Maroom Bank in the Go Slow Area with an ID tag.

Sheppard the Loggerhead Turtle
Sheppard the Loggerhead Turtle
December 2017

The Sea World team successfully released Shepherd, a loggerhead turtle found caught on a drumline hook at Rainbow Bay in the Gold Coast. After 9 days under the care of our Sea World team, Shepherd has recovered well and was able to be released in December 2017.

Beau the Green Turtle
Beau the Green Turtle
January 2018

Beau arrived with a missing flipper after becoming entangled in a crab trap. The Sea World team carefully removed the remaining flipper at the shoulder joint and Beau is now on the road to recovery. Beau was brought in thanks to Queensland National Parks and Redland Bay Coast Guard.

Found injured marine life?

The Sea World Rescue Team is on call 24/7

The Sea World Rescue Team's pioneering work in marine animal rescues has resulted in outstanding success in rehabilitating and saving many sick, injured and stranded animals in the wild.

Call 07 5588 2222 (9:00am to 5:00pm) or 07 5588 2177 (After Hours).

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