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A world of virtual insanity has launched at Warner Bros. Movie World!

Arkham Asylum now features a 360-degree virtual reality experience with technology seamlessly syncing the movement of the coaster with the visual effects to take you on a multi-dimensional journey.

Ride into an augmented reality of thrilling twists, turns and loops through a virtual experience of high-definition imagery and visuals.

Please note, virtual reality on Arkham Asylum costs $5 and is available for purchase in-park.

Get ready for a high voltage thrill on the world’s first Arkham Asylum themed ride!

This crazy experience will have adrenaline junkies harnessed into the Ivy League of Insanity for the shock of their life.

Strap into a brand new train featuring electrifying on board audio and rocket through Arkham Asylum at speeds of up to 85km. Race along in the terrifying new trains and experience awesome upper body freedom like never before. Pull 4.2Gs as you face five stomach-churning inversions on this not to be missed coaster.

Only the bravest of people can enter the Asylum to face one of the most infamous criminal minds on the planet, The Joker, as he attempts to infect all of Gotham City with dangerous monsters. With The Joker on the loose, riders will need to beware as the likes of Harley Quinn and Killer Croc could lurk around any corner.

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