Terms & Conditions

Dolphin Pat: Participants must be at least 110cm tall (without shoes), over 5 years old and must have footwear. Participants will be required to step down onto a sandy beach area and will be required to wear appropriate clothing as they may get splashed & will get into water that may be up to their knees.

Seal Hug: Participants must be over 110cm tall (without shoes), over 5 years old and must have footwear.

Family Seal: Participants must have footwear and children under 5 years old and 110cm (without shoes) must be accompanied by an adult. Children under 5 years old or 110cm (without shoes) will not be permitted to touch the seal.

Process: Participants must check into the photo centre no less than 1 hour prior to photo session time to receive wristband & ensure criteria has been met. It is here that you will receive details on meeting location etc.

Terms & Conditions: Participants must be able to speak and/or understand English, or have a translator participate in the program with them. There are no complimentary programs for translators. Persons acting as a translator must advise staff at the start of the program. Translators must satisfy all criteria. Participants must follow directions quickly to the satisfaction of staff. Participants must be able to quickly exit the pool area unassisted. Participants must have controlled motor movement. Participants will be measured on the day of their program. Any participant who does not meet the height restriction will not be able to participate and will not be eligible for a refund. Thongs are acceptable footware for Sea World Photo Opportunities.

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