• Committee 2016

Scientific Advisory Committee

Professor Iain Suthers (Chair)
Professor Iain Suthers joined the Committee in 2001 and became the Committee Chair in 2014. He is a Professor in the School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences, and Sydney Institute of Marine Science, University of New South Wales.

"The Foundation are now the go-to organisation for marine conservation by the Queensland state and federal governments.  And while Sea World are the main sponsor of the Foundation, they are determined to maintain our independence so as to select the best research and to provide genuine advice."

Professor Mark Hindell
Professor Mark Hindell joined the Committee in 1995 and currently runs the Antarctic Wildlife Research Unit in the School of Zoology, University of Tasmania.

Dr Jennifer Ovenden
Dr Jennifer Ovenden joined the Committee in 2004 and is a Principal Research Fellow and Associate Professor at the University of Queensland where she leads the Molecular Fisheries Laboratory.

Dr Rob Slade
Dr Rob Slade joined the Committee in 2015 and is the Senior Marine Scientist and Operations Manager, Blue Planet Marine.

Professor Peter Harrison
Professor Peter Harrison joined the Committee in 2012 and is the founding Director of the Marine Ecology Research Centre and the Director of Marine Studies at Southern Cross University.

Dr Lynne van Herwerden
Dr Lynne van Herwerden joined the Committee in 2014 and is a Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Science & Engineering, School of Marine & Tropical Biology at James Cook University.

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