• Sea World Research and Rescue Foundation Penguin on Beach

Take Action for Oceans

Although threats to our beautiful marine world seem just too gigantic to overcome, there are many things within your control to help marine life thrive not just survive!

  • Dispose of your rubbish so marine life is safe from pollution. An estimated 80% of rubbish that ends up in the ocean come from land-based sources.

  • Whenever possible, retrieve snagged fishing line and net. Discard line and nets cause a problem called ghost fishing and can accidentally entangle marine animals.

  • Slow down on your boat or jetski, particularly when going through areas known to have a high population of dugongs and turtles.

  • Choose seafood from sustainable sources. When in doubt ask the restaurant/fish monger: What species of fish? How was it caught? Steer clear of bottom trawling and non-selective purse seine netting. Where did it come from? Is it local?

  • Turn your appliances off at the wall and save up to 10% off household electricity