Jet Rescue

A sea lion is trapped and we need your help! This speedy coaster will take you on an exhilarating quest to save our precious marine life aboard your very own Jetski.

​Thrill Ride

High Speed Thrills

Speeds of 70km/hr

Pulling 2.5Gs

Minimum height 125cm (125cm – 135cm must be accompanied by an adult) Maximum height 196cm

People with certain medical conditions are prohibited from riding

Key stats & safety requirements

A sea lion is trapped and we need your help! You’ll zoom around the track at speeds of up to 70km/hr and pulling 2.5Gs, flying past rock pools and racing through a dark and dangerous blowhole cave where the trapped sea lion awaits. Do you have what is takes to be part of this rescue mission?

This ride pulls 2.5 G force and reaches up to 74km/hr over 560 meters of track!

Safety restrictions prohibit guests under 125cm from experiencing Jet Rescue. Guests between the heights of 125cm and 135cm must be accompanied by a responsible guardian. Maximum height is 196cm.


Due to the restrictive nature of the seats and the requirement for the safety restraints to lock down a certain distance, some guests may be unable to experience this attraction.


For more information download our Safety and Accessibility Guide or for further assistance please contact our friendly Guest Services team on (07) 5588 2178.


Safety Restrictions:

  • Attraction is not suitable for guests with back, neck or similar physical conditions
  • Attraction is not suitable for guests with heart disorders or high blood pressure
  • Attraction is not suitable for expectant mothers
  • Attraction is not recommended for those susceptible to motion sickness
  • Attraction is not recommended for guests susceptible to seizures
  • The attraction is not accessible for service animals. Please contact Guest Services for further information
  • Attraction is not suitable for guests with pre-existing limb injuries
  • Attraction is not suitable for guests with any other physical limitations that could be aggravated by sudden fierce physical movements
  • Guests using a wheelchair must transfer to ride vehicle’s seating at platform


For safety purposes some restrictions apply to guests with pre-existing medical conditions, an amputation, Amelia or prosthetic limbs. Please contact our Guest Services office for further information. Access for guests using wheelchairs is via the main ride entrance.


Guests wishing to ride this attraction must have full upper body movement and coordination and be able to:

  • Transfer into the train independently or with the assistance of a companion.
  • Independently maintain an upright position whilst seated
  • Independently support head and neck for the duration of the ride
  • Must be able to brace for duration of ride or continually grasp the handle bars with two fully functioning natural arms.
  • Lower limb prosthesis can be worn; harness must come into full contact with both natural lower limbs.


Assess Suitability for:

  • This attraction involves high speeds and is a fast paced ride experience. Riders will encounter changes in speed, direction and elevation, some of which are unexpected. Riders are required to maintain ride position and control.
  • Sudden special effects
  • Darkness and confined spaces

There is no maintenance planned for Jet Rescue Coaster

Ride location

Jet Rescue

Located to the east of the park, refer to the map for more details.


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